Seaweed Soy Spaghetti

Seaweed Soy Spaghetti

Recipe by Ryogo Tahara, chef of Logy


60g spaghetti
60g LOUU Seaweed butter
60g soy milk
5g soy sauce
1 cm (toothpaste-like) wasabi
LOUU Capers and squid confit
seafood of your choice
fresh chives or green onion


Boil a pot of water (add 1% salt)
After the water boils, add the spaghetti and cook for 10 minutes (or follow the instructions on the package)

Prepare the seafood. Remove from the water after they’re fully cooked and set aside for later use (be careful not to overcook).
Finely chop fresh chives and torch lime slices.

Heat soy milk, soy sauce, wasabi, and seaweed butter in a pan and mix well.
Add seafood to the pan.
Add spaghetti and stir evenly until the sauce is absorbed.
Garnish with fresh chives, and you’re done.
Serve with torched lime slices.

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