Saucy Scallop Noodle

Saucy Scallop Noodle

給海 x LOUU x Bye Bye rice by 林擠米
Recipe by Jimmy Lin


(Serves 1)
15g LOUU Fermented tofu butter
3 scallops
1 pack (35g) base sauce
suitable amount chopped green onion/sesame
suitable amount salt


Soften frozen scallops at room temperature.
Heat a frying pan, add butter, and add the defrosted scallops as soon as it melts.
Pan-fry over low heat until the surface becomes golden brown, then turn over.
Pan-fry both sides and set aside for later use.

Boil water in a pot and add a bunch of noodles.
After 50-60 seconds, take them out and put them in the pan.
Add the base sauce packet to the pan with 1 tablespoon of noodle water.
Mix evenly, after the sauce is absorbed, remove noodles from the pan and serve on a plate.
Add scallops and chopped green onion/sesame, (according to your preference) a pinch of salt, and you’re done!

Tips: if you have anchovies at home, you may add some anchovy oil when frying the scallops.

Where to buy: Fermented tofu butter| Scallop and noodle set


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