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Product appreciation period

(1) According to Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the “The Regulations on Reasonable Matters as Exceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales”: “The supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate, with fairly short shelf life, or expire rapidly at the time to rescind the contract” falls under Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act as a qualifying clause of reasonable exceptions. From January 1, 2016, fresh food does not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law and does not follow a 7-day appreciation period.

(2) According to the provisions of Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, you are entitled to a 7-day appreciation period (including national holidays) after your order arrives. The appreciation period is for your reference, viewing, examination, and comparison. You may request a return and refund during the 7 days. The appreciation period is not a trial period, and the return service will not be accepted if the appreciation period is exceeded.

(3) The company’s products are subject to strict quality control, please consume them within the expiration date. In order to maintain the hygiene and safety of the food, except for the food itself, which can be returned if it is defective, it will not be accepted for returns or exchanges due to the deformation of the box, loss of temperature, or poor storage caused by unpacking, consumption or consumers.

(4) In order to protect your rights and interests, please open it immediately after receiving the item to check whether it is correct and complete. If you have any questions, please contact the customer service staff immediately. Returns will not be accepted if there is no immediate response within seven days.

(5) If the product is defective due to the delivery process, please report it directly to the courier. Be sure to take a photo and store the certificate to protect your rights, and please contact our customer service staff immediately.

(6) Due to the use of different screens and resolutions, the colors of the pictures on the website will be slightly different. Digital representation may not reflect the actual product.

Instructions for Returns and Exchanges in Taiwan and Offshore Regions

(1) If you need to return the product, please contact the customer service within 7 days of receiving the product, and send it back together with the invoice and the product you wish to return. Products must be returned in their original condition, maintaining the integrity of all merchandise, giveaways, attachments, packaging, accompanying documents or materials. Any missing part or food deterioration may affect your return rights. In addition, information such as “name,” “order number,” “contact number,” “returned product name,” “return and exchange reason and photo,” etc. are required. The customer service staff will assist you in returning the product after receiving it. . Please return the product and invoice within 7 days of arrival (including regular holidays). If not, LOUU has the right to refuse your request for a return and refund.

(2) Returns cannot be accepted in the following cases:
1. Fresh food and dairy products.
2.  Exceeding the 7-day appreciation period (overdue return).
3. The product has been opened or used (for example, the packaging tape or box has been torn off).
4. The product is not in its original condition: not well packaged, damaged, or incomplete.
5. The receipt is lost.
6. Except for product defects, no return/exchange will be accepted once the package is opened. Please make sure before purchasing.
7. Customized products
8. Malicious or mass returns.
9. Due to personal taste or cooking method.

(3) If you want to apply for a replacement due to an order error (such as purchasing the wrong product, color, style, size, etc.), disliking the product and other buyer’s personal factors, please contact customer service to assist you on the request for an exchange. The return shipping cost may be your responsibility. For returns, you must contact the customer service to submit a return application, which means that you have also agreed to the above return conditions. Therefore, the customer service staff can apply for the return procedure on your behalf.
If there is a refund request with credit card payment, the refund will be directly returned to the credit card you used for purchase. According to the processing procedures of different banks, the time to complete the refund is about 5 to 7 working days. The refund may appear on your bill for the month or the following month. You may contact your credit card company for more details.

If a necessary return or exchange is required due to reasons of our products, our company will provide a refund within 7 to 15 working days. If a return or exchange is requested due to problems caused by the customer, the transaction fee for the refund will be responsible on the customer’s behalf.

For refunds by other payment methods, customer service will contact you for refund details.

Overseas Regions

(1) Overseas customers can participate in the website’s sales promotion but are not applicable to free shipping promotions.

(2) Please enter the receipt information of overseas orders completely in English and confirm that it is correct before purchasing; if the recipient address is a Mandarin-speaking country, please fill out the information in Chinese.

(3) According to the regulations of the recipient’s country, if there are taxes and other fees, the recipient will be responsible for the payment.

(4) If the order cannot be sent or the receiving information is incomplete, we will contact you within 3 working days after receiving the customer’s order. The order will be automatically cancelled if we are unable to find or reach you. Cancellation will not be further notified.

(5) Overseas orders will be repeatedly inspected before shipment and will be shipped after confirmation. Therefore, we do not provide exchanges or refunds other than the 7-day appreciation period for overseas orders.

(6) Overseas orders apply to the 7-day appreciation period policy, but due to complicated cross-border operations and logistics procedures for overseas returns and exchanges, only return services are accepted currently. Please contact customer service for product returns. After the returned products are confirmed to be correct, refunds will be completed within 3 to 5 business days.

(7) Please keep an open-box video to protect each other’s rights and interests. If you have any questions about the order, please contact customer service within 3 days.

(8) Due to different overseas transaction regulations in various countries, please check the local government regulations before purchasing to confirm whether the products can be delivered to the designated countries. LOUU will not be responsible for products inspected and confiscated by customs, and will not be able to refund the cost of goods and logistics fees under these circumstances.

(9) If the recipient refuses to accept or fails to pick up the package from the local logistics center, the package cannot be cleared due to local regulations, or the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, and the product is returned, the shipping fee will not be refunded, and will be deducted from the total amount of the original order. After deducting the round-trip shipping fee and other costs incurred in shipping, the amount will be refunded to the credit card (original order amount – round-trip logistics fee – customs duties that may arise from round-trip shipping – local consumption tax/costs arising from returns = refund amount).

(10) The checkout total amount and refund amount are in New Taiwan Dollars. The exchange rate difference caused by currency exchange rate fluctuations will be responsible for the customer. According to Taiwan Business Tax Law, LOUU will not issue unified invoices for overseas orders.


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