Abalone Porridge

Abalone Porridge


(Serves 4)

2 packs kombu and anchovy broth bag
1200g water
suitable amount LOUU Mixed mushrooms with porcini confit
1 can LOUU Soy sauce pickled abalone with osmanthus & tana
150g white rice
40g paprika sausage


Rinse the white rice (twice) the night before.
Add 1:1 water and put it in the freezer overnight.

Prepare a pot of water (1200 grams).
Put the broth bag into the pot and bring it from cold water to boil.
After boiling, turn off the heat and let it stand for 20 minutes, then remove the broth bag.

Turn on the heat and bring it to a boil again, then add frozen rice.
After it’s again boiled, turn off the heat and simmer for 25 minutes.

Stir from time to time to prevent sticking to the pot, and make sure it simmers during the whole process.
Add 20g abalone sauce and mix well before turning off the heat.

If you like a more soupy taste, you can add broth to dilute it after the porridge is cooked, and adjust the consistency according to your preference.

After serving, drizzle one tablespoon of oil from Mixed mushrooms with porcini confit, and add diced paprika sausage and abalone. The sausage can also be added and mixed into the pot after turning off the heat and before serving on the plate to increase the aroma. Mixed mushrooms and other side dishes (shredded bamboo shoots, pickled cucumber, etc.) may be served on a separate plate.


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